Four Drive Dongfeng Modified RV

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Product Description

This RV is modified from Dongfeng DWJ5040XLJM.

Product Parameter

Basic Configuration
Drive Mode 4×4
Engine Cummins ISDE200 42
Gearbox Mechanical Manual five speed
Transfer case High-low speed
Cab Three seats
Axle Max. Load 2Tons/2.4Tons (Front/Rear)
Tyre 37 × 12.5R16.5LT(4 + 1)
Electrical Appliance
24V circuit system
Rated passenger (person) 2~4
Other configuration
1. Optional top skylight, top luggage rack, top air conditioner, top satellite antenna, top ventilation fan, top solar panel, the height of the top is not selectable to 1980mm;2. In the car, according to user needs, select DVD, car Bluetooth, folding tablet, car refrigerator, water dispenser, car navigation, satellite phone, satellite TV, locker, pull-out cookware, camping tent, Folding seats (after the start of bedding);3. Optional anti-collision bumper in front, the rear selection open window and the unwinding window, the right side is selected;
Performance Parameter
Overall Dimension(mm) 5011 × 2400 × 1980/2150(Length×Width×Height)
Total Mass(kg) 4400 Curb Weight(kg) 3850
Max. Power(kW/rpm) 140 Max. Torque(N.m) 740
Wheelbase(mm) 3300 Displacement(L) 4.5
Approach Angle (°) 45 Departure Angle (°) 40
Max. Speed(km/h) 135 Tank Capacity(L) 76+39

This parameter is for reference only. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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