DWJ5203 mobile stage van

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Product Description

DWJ5203 mobile stage car is divided into three parts, the cab is used in the cab part Dongfeng, a semi-spacing, the interior uses a luxury design, and the row is a sleeper; the middle part is a car, including the bathroom and an expansion The balcony, the second floor is a lifting balcony, which can be equipped with a TV, audio, sofa, hanging cabinet, shower, etc. Human large stage.

Product Parameter

Basic Configuration
Drive Mode 6×6
Engine Cummins ISDE210 40
Gearbox Manual nine speed
Transfer case High-low speed
Cab Flat head semi-Dongfeng Tianlong Cab
Axle Max. Load 4.8Tons/4.8Tons/10Tons(Front/Middle/Rear)
Tyre 12.00R18 (8)
Electric appliance
24V circuit system
Performance Parameter
Overall Dimension(mm) 11540 × 2480 × 3030/3770(Length×Width×Height)
Wheelbase(mm) 3190+1100
Total Mass(kg) 20490
Front/Rear Suspension(mm) 1500/3200
Approach Angle (°) 30 Departure Angle (°) 20
Max. Speed(km/h) 90 Rated passenger (person) 3

This parameter is for reference only. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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