Dongfeng 5160 Four-Drive Off-road Transport Van

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Product Description

Dongfeng 5160 van, using Dongfeng Tianjin KJ8V-N01-010J flat head cab, there is a 10m long large capacity freight box, up to 53m³ cargo, suitable for logistics Distribution, port shipping, material transportation and other fields. The driving area is in line with ergonomics, with sleeper, air conditioning, greatly enhances the driving comfort of the driver.

Product Parameter

Basic Configuration
Drive Mode 4×4
Engine Dongfeng EQH180-52
Gearbox Six speed
Transfer case High-low speed
Cab Dongfeng Tianjin flat head KJ8V-N01-010J
Axle Max. Load 5.6Tons/10.2Tons (Front/Rear)
Tyre 10R22.5(6 + 1)
Electrical appliance
24V circuit system
Special configuration
  1. The top is closed in the top of the counter, and the side is available on the side and the door is not open; the car is selected to plate and corrugated.
  2. The top of the cab is selected; the sleeper side window is available, the front selection is the spoiler, the front fog light, the front of the selection, the top decorative light of the cab is optional, choose the tail board (The tail plate is 550kg)
  3. Install a running recorder with satellite positioning function, equipped with ABS; optional disc brake, optional speed limit device, optional ETC
Performance Parameter
Overall Dimension(mm) 10300 × 2500/2550 × 3760/3960(Length×Width×Height)
Cargo size(mm) 8000 × 2400/2450/ 2500 × 2400
Total Mass(kg) 15800 Curb Weight(kg) 7100
Max. Power(kW/rpm) 118 Max. Torque(N.m) 600
Wheelbase(mm) 5800 Displacement(L) 4752
Ground Clearance(mm) 280 Fording depth (mm) 520
Max. Vertical crossing obstacle height(mm) 380 100 km fuel consumption(L) 24.5
Max. Speed(km/h) 98 Tank Capacity(L) 210

This parameter is for reference only. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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