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Dongfeng EQ2070G off-road carrier as a classic domestic military vehicle, performance stability is the biggest feature of this vehicle, making the car favored by people around the world. The chassis uses Dongfeng 153 cab, all of which use military standards, as a military chassis, long-term off-road performance is the most basic, in various advantages, the chassis is often used to modify the green sprinkler , Dump trucks, garbage trucks, vanes, etc.

Product Parameter

Basic Configuration
Drive Mode 4×4
Overall form On both sides, the top plate and the front, the rear plate is a flame retardant PU foam composite plate. The five blocks and the bottom plate are connected to the solder + internal reinforced manner; between the two side plates and the top plate, the outer frame profile is enhanced To form a rolling protection structure
Floor Top 16mm high strength bamboo platen on the beam
Left side 45mm flame retardant PU foam composite board, all 4 800 × 600mm push window
Right plate 45mm flame retardant PU foam composite board, front settings have an outer door; set three 800 × 600mm sliding window (position and left side)
Back board 45mm flame retardant PU foam composite panel, the center position is set to open the door; the location in the middle of the hat is installed with reversing image camera
Luggage rack The luggage frame is assembled with the air conditioning airway
Curtain Folder, each window is equipped with one
Fire extinguisher 24kg dry powder fire extinguisher is installed in the middle of the inner front panel
Climbing ladder The back panel is set to have a closed climber.
Side guardrail Aluminum alloy profile manifold; right side ladder

This parameter is for reference only. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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