Dongfeng 4×4 refrigerated truck chassis

Just after the severe cold, temperature rises. There is no stage where the temperature slowly rises. The temperature has reached 28 degrees Celsius, it indicates that summer has arrived. Speaking of summer,how can we do without popsicles and ice cream? The troops have not moved, food first.Refrigerated trucks have become one of the best-selling of the season.

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Refrigerated trucks can transport more than just popsicles and ice cream.It can also transport fresh aquatic products and meat. And some fruits and vegetables that are inconvenient to store,even medical drugs, etc.  Today, what we bring to you is a refrigerated truck chassis.

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The chassis uses Cummins 170hp engine, 7 meters long,2.8 meters wide,3 meters high.The width is what makes this car different from the conventional chassis.

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The chassis is used for export. Its width is a model customized according to the needs of the user. Based on many years of production experience and inspections of foreign environments. The structure of the car has been optimized to a certain extent.It also reserves enough space for subsequent modification of refrigerated trucks.

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As long as customers tell us their needs,based on many years of experience and usage environment,we will create exclusive customized vehicle type for customers

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Post time: Apr-22-2024

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