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M50 is a chassis that inherited the excellent off -road performance, mobility, reliability of military Dongfeng. It can be modified to be used in the fields of emergency rescue, security and other fields such as fire fighting, rescuing, communication command, medical rescue, armored explosion -proof, residential etc. As in non -road situation or in the wild operating conditions, the vehicle can deliever personnel and supplies quickly to the recent scene of the disaster, and on the spot Expand the work platform of the homework.

Product Parameter

Basic Configuration
Drive Mode 4×4
Engine Cummins 4.0T turbocharged
Gearbox Manual Manual five speed
Transfer case High-low speed
Cab Single Row
Axle Max. Load 1.5Tons/3.5Tons (Front/Rear)
Tyre 305/80R18MPT all-steel meridian tyre
Electrical Appliance
24V Circuit System
Performance Parameter
Overall Dimension(mm) 5320 × 2310 × 1950(Length×Width×Height)
Wheelbase size(mm) 3800
Total Mass(kg) 6000 Load Weight(kg) 2460
Towing Weight(kg) 2000 Max. Torque(N.m) 600
Approach Angle (°) 45 Departure Angle (°) 35
Ground Clearance(mm) 380 Fording depth (mm) 750
Max. Speed(km/h) 120 Tank Capacity(L) 70+50

This parameter is for reference only. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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